Welcome to the Pedestrian Environmental Quality Index (PEQI) application website. The PEQI can help your group to familiarize itself with neighborhood characteristics, opportunities, constraints and assist in planning for future improvements or investment. The PEQI is gaining interest nationwide and is recognized by national experts as a valid source of community-level walkability data. Learn more about the PEQI.

From this website, you can download everything you need to use the PEQI in your community. This web application facilitates data collection through a smartphone application, uploading of data from the phone, scoring and mapping of the collected data in an easy and seamless manner. To access the features of this website, create a log in above and follow instructions. Also visit the Demo page for a step by step guide on using the system.


The mobile application makes it easier for groups to organize the data collection by making use of electronic forms that can be filled out and saved on the phone. The current version of the PEQI data collection form is available in the electronic form on our smartphone application. The electronic forms are easy to fill out and have instructions for filling them out integrated into the form. The completed forms can then be uploaded from the phone to our web server by the click of a button! The uploaded data gets scored automatically on the web server and is ready to be viewed on a map when you are. You can also download your data from our website in a spreadsheet.

In addition to the mobile phone application, the PEQI can be implemented by using paper forms and hand calculations. The paper version of the PEQI works well for groups without Android smartphones and those who are not comfortable using computers.To use the paper version visit the COEH website.

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